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Sunday, 19 July 2015 17:12

[NEWS] Mojo Partners with Stoeger Shotguns

Written by Holden Smith

Monroe, LA (May 21, 2015) – MOJO TV travels the globe in search of exciting, entertaining and high-energy hunts to bring their fans. To get this job done, they constantly seek products that

are reliable and can perform day in and day out in the field. It is in this light that we are proud to announce a partnership with Stoeger Industries, to make Stoeger Shotguns the official shotgun of Team MOJO.

Terry Denmon, President & CEO of MOJO Outdoors said “It’s a natural fit for us. We need a fully functioning, proper handling gun that will stand the rigors of the hunts we capture on film, especially waterfowl which can be in extreme outdoor conditions. We’ve shot these guns for nearly a year hunting waterfowl, predators and turkey and on the range without any failures. I am proud to recommend them to our fans. They are well made, handle easily and are affordable. I go to the field to kill game in an ethical sporting manner. A shotgun to me is a tool used to accomplish this and Stoeger Guns fit that perfectly. Those who have followed me know that I am not willing to recommend products to our fans that I do not believe in and use by choice”.

“This sponsorship is so exciting because it’s a perfect fit for both brands,” said Tom Kaleta, VP of Marketing for Benelli USA and Stoeger. “MOJO products are incredible and they’re everywhere—you’d be hard-pressed not to see them in the field when you’re hunting. And the Stoeger line is every hunter’s affordable, well-made shotgun—semi-autos for every type of hunting as well as doubles and over-and-unders, so whether it’s taking birds or predators, our guns will play a big part in many MOJO TV episodes.”

Team MOJO consists of Terry Denmon, Hall of Fame professional hunter, engineer, outdoor products entrepreneur and MOJO founder; Outdoor Television pioneer Mike Morgan and waterfowl expert and MOJO General Manger Chuck Smart.

Terry, Mike and Chuck have been hard, dedicated hunters since they were little more than babies. Hunting has been not just a “way of life,” but has been their “life.” They have used their extensive experience in developing the game changing products that MOJO has brought to hunters the world over, while delivering hunting tips, strategies, product recommendations and useful information through their popular MOJO TV Series. Team MOJO looks forward to many days in the field with Stoeger Shotguns.

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