MOJO Mallard® Elite Series™ - Mini Mallard Drake w/ Remote


MOJO Mallard® Elite Series™ - Mini Mallard Drake w/ Remote


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MOJO® ES Multi Remote Kit (3P Connect)
ES Bluetooth Receiver (3P Connect)

SKU: HW2487_3P

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A relative of the MOJO Mallard® Elite Series™ KING MALLARD, the patented MINI MALLARD DRAKE (or Hen) is smaller in size and designed, as it should be, with all working components contained within a structural housing connected directly to the support. That housing is installed inside a flexible decoy body in the shape of the desired bird. Together, those result in a decoy that is quieter, smoother, faster and achieves longer battery life.

The Mojo Elite Series™ Mini Mallard Drake Decoys now come remote ready (remote not included, with exception to model HW2487, which comes with a factory installed remote).The other models of remote-ready Elite Series™ decoys include Mini Mallard Hen, Redhead, Bluebill, Pintail, Gadwall, Wood Duck, Blue Wing, and Green Wing Teal. Now remote compatibile (remote sold separately) with our 3P Connect Multi-Decoy Remote Kit and Bluetooth Receiver + MOJO Mobile app - Powered by Pinteal

Other features of the Mojo Elite Series™ Mini Mallard Drake with remote include:

+ Drop-in battery holder that takes 4AA batteries (batteries not included)

+ Three piece support pole

+ Quiet, flexible body

+ Flexible feet for easy storage

Also available: Hen style housing

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MOJO Mallard Elite: Mini Mallard Drake
2 years ago
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Well, finally threw it worked when I got it out (at home), didn't when I tried to use it in the blind, did after I returned it to MOJO, did in the house before the season started, and won't when I need to hunt over it! Have changed batteries, used both battery holders to be sure contacts are good, have taken remote apart and rea*sembled, etc. I can troubleshoot it when I get home and have to fix it, but it seldom works when I need it to; outdoors and when I'm hunting. MOJO used to be the standard for the industry and I was committed to their products; newer ones seem built for how-low-can-you-go pricing, likely at the request of retailers. I'm headed to Cabela's for a Lucky Duck HD; been running one of those alongside the MOJO for two seasons now without incident. Sorry MOJO!
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  • Roy 2 years ago
    I love how all these concerns for the product get no response from Mojo! I just bought one without looking at the reviews and I can say honestly I have had no problems except the wings. Where they mount to the decoy the plastic I poorly made and will not go over the metal shaft (too small of a hole) not just mine friend bought one too same problem
    • Mojo 2 years ago
      Hi Roy, so sorry you’re having this issue. If you reach out to Customer Service, they would be glad to get you fixed up. or 866-216-6656
Didn't even get to use it once:(
1 year ago
Your review
Really sad ... opened it brand new and the motor is only working on low setting, won't work on high nor will it connect to my push button remote even though I'm going through the exact details of instructions. I'm a tradesman installing elevators so I a*sure you it's not me! Never felt so disappointed in a single hunting product EVER! Been hunting 21 years now and I can honestly say that I feel like I wasted my hard earned money.. really praying for a replacement. Safe hunting to all you fellow hunters. What a terrible feeling I now have inside my stomach like I was robbed. God bless everyone and happy hunting
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  • Nic f 1 year ago
    Please get ahold of me mojo and make this right.. just isn't right to sell faulty equipment especially for the cost. Hate to go to Lucky duck but I feel there's no choice if you don't want to help a honest customer out.. praying you do so

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