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Wednesday, 31 May 2017 22:01

Shark gets ripped in half by another shark

Written by Holden Smith
Image is screenshot from youtube. Image is screenshot from youtube.

There's always a bigger fish.  Did you know sharks eat other sharks?

According to the video, a group of fisherman were out near a Nuclear Power Plant in a kayak and on a paddleboard and inadvertently hooked a 4 foot black tip shark.  Before the fisherman could get this shark off their line, a huge bull shark comes in for a meal. See in the video below starting at 1:48:


Now we all have been guilty of exaggerating the size of our catch, but if that blacktip shark is actually 4 foot, then exactly HOW BIG is that bull shark? That aside, one rogue wave and the paddleboarder could've easily become dessert and a quick cameo in a the next Jaws film.  Being out on the water in a kayak, or even worse - a paddleboard - is a little too much for comfort.

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