MOJO Mallard® Elite Series™ - King Mallard w/ 6V Li-ion Battery


MOJO Mallard® Elite Series™ - King Mallard w/ 6V Li-ion Battery


MOJO® Bluetooth USB Remote Control Receiver - Powered by Pinteal

SKU: HW2520

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MOJO® Outdoors, the leading motion decoy company in the world, introduces the greatest advancement in motion decoys since the advent of the spinning wing decoy (SWD) with the all-new, patented KING MALLARD, part of our MOJO Mallard® Elite Series. Until now, all SWD’s have been designed and manufactured by the incorrect process of attaching the motor, battery, and other components to the inside of a hollow rigid body which resulted in significant vibration, wobble, and noise. Think of how your truck or ATV would operate if the motor and transmission were attached to the body instead of the frame.

In the alternative, the MOJO® Elite Series (ES) King Mallard decoy is designed, as it should be with these components attached directly to the support pole by a specially designed structural housing supporting these components. The outside of this housing is designed to fit precisely inside a flexible decoy skin, featuring a “drop in” battery and built-in remote receiver, all resulting in a smoother, quieter, faster, and more user-friendly MOJO® King Mallard decoy.

The motor, transmission, power supply system, and body are all attached to an easily accessible structural support frame – as they should be! Features include:

  • Plug-in Remote Port/Bluetooth Remote Compatible
  • Li-ion Battery 6V Rechargeable
  • The MOJO® King Mallard includes a Li-ion Charger 6V
  • Softer Skin
  • MUCH lighter in weight
  • Solid component housing connects the motor and wings directly to the support pole
  • All of these components are contained in a specially designed housing, nothing supported by the body.

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Legal Disclaimer

  WARNING: Non-Spillable SLA Battery Enclosed
This product can expose you to chemicals including Inorganic Lead/Lead Compounds which is (are) known to the State of California to cause cancer (and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm). For more information, go to

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Excellent idea. Poor execution
6 years ago
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**UPDATE: see comment below this review**

Excellent idea. Poor execution. Received the decoy and charged the battery. While at home the next day it worked perfectly. Next morning while hunting before sunrise we put it on the pole and tested it. Didn’t work. Thought that it may not be getting a good connection with the battery. Tried to pull it apart while at home and the “easily” removable body is a joke. Only way to get this product to work is to plug it in at the house and operate it with an outlet. Not sure if anyone else can shoot ducks over a mojo while on the sofa but lve not been so lucky before. Again this decoy solves the issue with getting the battery out of the decoy no doubt, it is definitely quieter, and it looks great. Although it not being able to work on battery power while in the field is kind of a deal breaker for me. If some of you out there are looking to “upgrade” this season to mojos “king” please rethink your decision. Buy the noisier version they produce and while it will wobble, make a little noise, you’ll bust your knuckles trying to get the battery out, and it’s not as pretty you’ll be able to take it to a duck hole and kill birds over it. Buy the “king” and you’ll have a pretty decoy that you can run in your garage. I’m very disappointed in this product if you can’t tell from the above. Would’ve put 0 stars but it’s not an option.
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  • Andrew Fountain 4 years ago
    I bought two and had the same issue. Worked while plugged in then dead in the field. Since I had two I could switch the batteries to see if one wasn’t charged. Both fully charged and good batteries. Sucks since I bought them brand new when they came out and one has sat on my self for over a year.
  • Aaron bell 5 years ago
    Just received a king mallard mojo as a gift. I followed directions verbatim and went to insert the battery (after a full night of charging) and the contact points didn’t connect flush which didn’t allow the decoy to receive power. Literally never used this product one time and it doesn’t work! Extremely disappointed and if mojo doesn’t send me another I will tell friends and family to STAY AWAY!
    • Holden Smith Admin 5 years ago
      We are sorry you are having problems. Customer Service is important to us and we firmly stand behind all MOJO Products. Please send us your email address and we will email you a shipping label so that you can send your product to us. Once received, we will repair or replace it.

      Thanks for being a MOJO Customer. We want you to be happy and will do all we can to ensure you are!

      MOJO Outdoors
  • Greg real 5 years ago
    Nebraska hunter
    • Holden Smith Admin 5 years ago
      Greg. Sorry to hear you are having issues with your King Mallard. Please submit the problems you have been having at and our decoy specialists will get you fixed up with either a replacement or a repair!
    • Greg real 5 years ago
      I think the king mojo is junk it never works the craftman ship is bad
King Mallard
4 years ago
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I bought a king Mallard a year ago and it worked amazing and I loved it the first season and it solved my problem with flaring geese with being able to shut it off via remote as they closed in closer. Pulled it out to get it ready for this season and the little battery contacts in the main housing rusted and broke off. Working with mojo now to try and get new little battery contacts so I can solder them on but they said they don't know if I can even get them. If I cant get them, all I have is a motionless decoy I spent a lot of money on. Hopefully they will come through because I would totally give them a solid 4 to 4.5 stars if I wasn't having this problem because that first season it really functioned amazingly.
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  • Jim stone 2 years ago
    Must be a problem with those connections, I have the same issues after four hunts.
Mojo stands behind their stuff!
2 years ago
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I have purchased several Mojo’s over a lot of years and recently had a great experience with the company. I broke the post mount on my Mojo elite King Mallard and sent it back to be fixed. My error, I’ll pay! Instead I got a new one in exchange. Customer for lots of years to come!
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Worked Awesome All Season
4 years ago
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This is by far the best robo duck I’ve used. Worked great regardless of temp or rain. The battery held its charge for several hunts so charging. I need a bag to carry it in a the original box is about done after today’s hunt (last hunt of season).
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