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Way to Turkey Hunt

MOJO® caused a sensation in turkey hunting with the original Scoot-N-Shoot Decoy, making popular an aggressive style of hunting not commonly used at the time, and arguably the most exciting way to hunt spring gobblers.

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MOJO® Feeder Breeder


MOJO® Feeder/Breeder hen decoy was designed and approved by Preston Pittman, many times World Champion Turkey Caller and World Class Turkey Hunter. Preston KNOWS!

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Turkey Products

Spring turkey is finally here!

Custom Choke Tubes

Denser and more uniform patterns at all ranges and consistent point of impact.

It Ain't Magic...If It Ain't MOJO!

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Turkey Hunting

Turkey Hunting

Explore our turkey arsenal.

Predator Hunting

Predator Hunting

Predators can't resist.

Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting

Spinning wing and other motion devices

Dove Hunting

Dove Hunting

Prepare for Dove season.

Hunting Accessories

Hunting Accessories

From choke tubes to extra batteries and wings, we've got 'em all!

Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts

Keep your decoys in peak condition with our full selection of replacement parts

Quality, Reliable, and Performant

MOJO products consistently exhibit excellent craftsmanship and reliability, setting the standard for performance in the field.


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About us

MOJO Outdoors™ is the number one maker of motion and spinning wing decoys in the world… but we are also much more than that!

MOJO Outdoors™ began life in the State of Louisiana with the invention and development, by real hunters, of the MOJO Mallard® Spinning Wing Duck Decoy, which went on to become a phenomena in the world of duck hunting. With its realistic body, its large and practically unstoppable direct drive motor, highly reflective aluminum wings and rugged, dependable operation, it quickly took the market, making the name "MOJO" synonymous with "quality and success".




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