MOJO Untamed Episode Guide

Terry heads to Alaska and hopes to call in a giant Coastal Brown Bear.

Terry heads to Rocky Creek Retrievers to hunt Blue Winged Teal with Steve Biggers and Team Waterfowl.

Terry heads to the scenic and historic Brite Ranch in Marfa Texas with hopes of bagging a mature Aoudad.

Terry heads to Africa to attempt something never before documented: Call Crocodiles to gun range.

Its time for Mojos annual trip North to hunt waterfowl with Rob Reynolds of Ranchland Outfitters.

Terry gears up and heads to a high volume hunt just over the Texas line with Wide Open Outfitters in San Fernando, Mexico. White-Winged Doves beware!

Terry travels to Australia with the dream of crossing another species off the bucket list: The Water Buffalo.

Terry packs his E-Caller and rifle and travels to Alaska with the aim to call in a black bear to shooting distance.

Terry is back at it calling the heavily polluted coyotes of Mexico with Steve McCain Jr of Wide Open Outfitters.

Randy chases the migration through harsh winter conditions and ends up at Kansas Plains Outfitters for a grand finale.

Terry is off to one of his favorite places to hunt: The Brite Ranch. This hunt is all about the Mule Deer and with Rut in high gear a mature buck may just find himself in Terrys crosshairs.

Terry joins up with his long-time coyote hunting buddy, Scott Cantu and sets off on the prairie looking for predator action.

Terry and the Mojo Crew have a field day on ducks and geese in Alberta with Rob Reynolds of Ranchland Outfitters.

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