MOJO Mallard® Machine


MOJO Mallard® Machine


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One of, if not the most effective motion decoys EVER for waterfowl hunting over water!

The new MOJO Mallard® Machine consists of a Patent Pending Decoy that causes a realistic feeding mallard drake decoy to dive, bob up and down, twist, and wobble by attaching the decoy to a float designed as a buoy (buoys are self-righting). Equipped with a motor-driven prop that pulls the float partially under water and then releases it to bob up and down. The prop action causes it to not only bob up and down but also sideways and twists and the righting aspect of the buoy straightens it out when de-energized.


Provides all 3 needed attractions:

  1. Decoy Motion
  2. Water Motion
  3. Water Sounds


  • Motor is controlled by a specially designed timer which energizes/de-energizes the motor at varying times from a fraction of a second to several seconds.
  • Operates up to 8 hours by heavy-duty, rechargeable 12-volt Li-Ion Battery.
  • Single male/female connection of power cord.
  • Remote controlled but with 3-way switch that has a “run” position.
  • Hinged screen to prevent debris, etc. Hinge allows easy cleaning.
  • External switch and charging port.
  • Decoy butt attached to float with MOJO®’s proven twist lock system for easy removal.
  • New MOJO Mallard® Machine features convenient carry handles.

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