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MOJO® Triple Whammy


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The Triple Whammy is a Patent Pending, highly effective, economical, user-friendly motion device that attaches to most decoy poles and adds multiple types of needed water motion to your spread!

We call it the Triple Whammy because it:

  1. Makes ripples on water like live ducks.
  2. Throws droplets into the air like live ducks do! Then droplets are highly visible to ducks, especially when sunlight hits them.
  3. Rotating blade is colored white on one side/dark on the other when its speed is above that needed for the spinning wing concept -
    Adding a third highly effective attractant.
    • Attaches to round or square poles using specially designed attachment and user-friendly grip knob.
    • Decoy movement system operates up to 10 hours on Aggressive Cycle I, up to 12 hours on Normal Cycle II.
    • Convenient removable waterproof battery holder
    • Convenient holder to store, protect & transport blade.
    • Blade magnetically connected.
    • 3-way switch provides Cycle I (Normal) and Cycle II (Aggressive) (Cycle I – on/o – Cycle II)
    • Reverses direction each on/o cycle changing direction of ripples & droplets for added realism.
    • Decoy movement system is powered by 4 AA Batteries (not included).

Pole not included

The Most Bang Available For the $ Buck!

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