Frequently Asked MOJO Questions and Answers:

Q. What is the life of MOJO batteries and how long do they need to charge?

A. Typically, our batteries can last a maximum of 8 hours of continuous use.  It is recommended that the battery be charged one hour for every hour of use.  A full charge usually takes about 8 hours.

Q.  I put my MOJO up after a hunt and have not used it in several months.  It is hunting season again and put the MOJO on the charger.  However, it appears the battery is still dead.  Why is my battery not holding a charge?

A. It is strongly advised that the battery be charged frequently throughout the year to prevent loss of charging capacity.  This will ensure you get the most life out of your MOJO battery.  

Q. I have decided to upgrade my MOJO decoy to magnetic wings.  How do I convert my existing decoy?

A. Older style decoys use thumbscrews to hold the spinning wings in place.  To convert to magnetic wings, you can purchase a Baby/Gadwall Magnetic Wing Adapter for small body decoys or a MOJO Mallard Magnetic Wing Adapter for large body decoys from our online parts store.

Q. My MOJO decoy has magnetic wing capability; however, every time my decoy is turned on, the wings come off.  Why are my magnetic wings not secure?

A. The magnetic wing has a small grove on the metal shaft.  It needs to be lined up with the set screw on the piece that holds the wings.  If completed properly, you should hear a "click" sound.

Q. How do I differentiate between the left and right wing?

A. Our Products Section features images of all of our decoys.  You can use this as a guide for telling the wings apart.

Q. I recently purchased MOJO's Double Trouble Electronic Game Caller.  After getting everything out of the box and installing batteries, I proceed to turn on my caller and remote.  However, the decoy and remote do not turn on when I press the power button.  Why won't my MOJO product turn on?

A. The Double Trouble Electronic Game Caller has a safety feature to prevent the accidental powering on/off of both the remote and caller.  To turn on either, hold down the power button for about 20 seconds until you see items on the display screens.

Q. Do the MOJO Products have warranties?

A. All MOJO Products have a 90 day limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.  These products are not warranted against neglect, misuse, abuse, or accident.  MOJO Outdoors will, at its option, repair or replace any product deemed to meet the warranty requirements.  To obtain service, send entire products, prepaid to the address below, along with the date and point of purchase and full shipping and contact information. DO NOT return to dealer.  Should the defects not be deemed to meet Warranty requirements, MOJO will charge a reasonable repair or replacement charge plus return shipping.  

Q. My MOJO product was damaged through use, and I have had it longer than the included warranty.  How do I get my MOJO product replaced?

A. MOJO will repair any MOJO Duck Decoy returned with either a reusable motor or decoy body for a charge not to exceed $30.00, plus return shipping.  The charge for remote models is $50.00. For additional information or questions, call our toll-free number (866) 216-6656 and ask about upgrades and repairs, or submit your info on the MOJO Contact page.

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