Remote Reprogramming Instructions

Instructions for Remotes with Mode Switch only (HW1011 and HW2011)

Reprogramming your Remote:

First - Make sure your battery is fully charged to approx. 7.25 volts. Remote will not operate below 3 volts. (Check your battery with a volt/multi-meter to insure the proper voltage.) About 90% of the calls we get for remotes stem from improperly charged batteries.

Step 1 - Clearing Memory

Static electricity can cause your remote to have to be programmed. First you press the Mode Switch (the button on the back of the receiver, inside the duck) and hold it down. The green light will start blinking. Release the Mode Switch and wait 3 seconds. Press Mode Switch down again and hold until the green light blinks slowly 2 times. Release Mode Switch. Memory is now cleared. Next you have to learn the transmitter code.

Step 2 - Learning the Transmitter Code

Transmitter (key pad) and receiver are pre-coded to work together. For the receiver to relearn a lost (or new) transmitter code, you will press the Mode Switch and hold it down until the receiver’s light starts to flash. Release the Mode Switch. Press the transmitter (key pad) button one time only and release. The light on the receiver will flash once and go out. Press the transmitter (key pad) button one time and release. The motor will now operate. If the motor does not operate press the on/off button under the tail of the duck.
On multi-cycle remote press button 1 on transmitter (key pad)


Note: The receiver and transmitter are not waterproof and must be kept dry.

Note: At the end of operation, turn your decoy off using the remote control. DO NOT turn the decoy’s on/off switch off. Otherwise, it will continue to drain your battery.

Note: The transmitter has its own battery. If the red LED light does not appear when transmitter button is pushed then replace the battery. (12 v Duracell #MN21/A23 or Radio Shack # 23-154 ).

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