MOJO Outdoors™ Call Management System: Download the Call Management Software

Installation Instructions

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Please review all instructions before Downloading the Call Management Software!

To utilize the full capabilities of the Double Call Management System, you must first download the Call Management Software. This software allows for COMPLETE manipulation of sounds on your Double Trouble Electronic Caller. It enables you to rearrange, add, or delete sounds off of the caller. MOJO Outdoors uses their own MOJ files that can be downloaded through our Sounds Library. However, MP3 and WAV files may also be added to the E-Caller via the Call Management Software. In order for the caller to properly sync with the wireless remote, the file name must not exceed 19 characters (spaces, numbers, and file extensions are included).

Please Note that the Call Management Software is a Windows based program and is not supported on Mac devices at this time.

If you need any additional help or experience any difficulties, feel free to contact us.

Step 1:

The Call Management Software requires Java to function properly.

Select this download if you do not have Java.

Select this download if you do have Java.

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